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Trust us to handle the prep, so you can focus on bringing your culinary vision to life.

At Idahoan®, our passion is to inspire your creativity with delicious, scratch-quality potatoes. We use only sustainably grown, Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture. We then cook them using our proprietary method in order to deliver consistency and convenience with each batch of Fresh-Dried™ potatoes.
Creamy Mashed - Flavored

Available in a variety of delicious options, Idahoan® CREAMY Flavored Mashed Potatoes deliver the fresh, elevated finish that guests crave with speed-scratch convenience.

Creamy Mashed - Single Serve Cups

Perfect with school lunches, on meal trays, or for sale at C-stores and Grab-and-Go locations. Serve up the flavor of our iconic mashed potatoes, with delicious convenience in single serve cups.


The flavor of our classic mashed potatoes, in a healthier format. Idahoan® SMARTMASH® Mashed Potatoes are a more nutritious alternative to traditional mashed potatoes – with options made to deliver delicious flavor with reduced sodium, added Vitamin-C, or that are dairy-free. Perfect for K-12 and healthcare, SMARTMASH is the solution wherever these options are required.

Honest Earth®

Consistently crispy, and perfectly seasoned – Idahoan® SHREDS can be served as traditional sides or customized with your own signature twist. Get creative, from classic hash browns and craveable appetizer bites to bowl bases, sandwich buns, and more.


From crispy chips and exciting pizza toppings to perfectly golden casseroles – Idahoan SLICES serve up great flavor in a fraction of the time. Available plain or with delicious sauces.


Idahoan® FLAKES offer quick and easy prep with the delicious flavor of Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes. A blank canvas for your culinary creativity, serve FLAKES as-is for simple mashed potatoes or use an ingredient in your favorite dishes.

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