Always 100% Real Idaho Potatoes

Got tough menu guidelines? We’re here to help. See how Idahoan® products are better for kids and better for schools. We are committed to consistently giving you the best — with 100% Idaho® potatoes in all our products.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Taste

The Idahoan road leads to great taste. Meal participation starts with foods kids like — for breakfast and lunch. Start with the comfort foods and familiar flavors from home, like Idahoan® mashed potatoes & hash browns.

Quick, Easy, Delicious

Discover a Fresh Perspective on School Nutrition. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes are ready in minutes, they are shelf stable, saving valuable room in your walk-in fridge, and they are America’s Favorite Mashed Potato in the retail space.

Looking For Documentation?

K12 USDA and Spec Sheets

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